You need to know yourself!

In this big world, many times you’ll feel that you are alone! But, that’s really true sometimes even if you are with your loved ones, you are alone! I know it feels little bit awkward to hear that, even when your loved ones are there how can you be alone? But, let me tell you there will be certain moments in your life just to prepare you for your life, there will be times when no one is going to or able to help you because you have to learn to love yourself first. Yes! This is the way you can survive in this world! You need to know that you are unique in your own way, you need to stop comparing yourself with others because it’s just not worth!

I have been through this experience in past few weeks when I found myself, I explored my flaws, I had the opportunity to know myself. I have been put through a situation where I felt like nothing is working for me but, I didn’t knew that’s the moment that will change my life! I was distant from my loved ones, nothing was working at all. All the attempts I made to fix everything, failed! I had a thought even to let everything go and just finish this life. But, guys this is the exact point where you have to choose to fight! Because of some bad phase in your life doesn’t mean you are a loser. I spent more that 3 months in this situation and I fought with it! At the end when I look back at those days I feel like it was the essential episode of my life. I achieved mental peace, I knew what I am made of and what really I should be doing. That really feels good.

Folks, don’t just give up on yourself! Take your time to get know your inner self, what your mind says, follow your intuitions and never ever stay away from your own! People often say if someone loves you then you are right and if not then you are wrong. Let me tell you, it’s not like that it’s about how much do you love  yourself and you accept what you are and start living for who you are and not what people want you to be!

Talking about love, when you keep yourself at first place than your loved ones, you gain mental peace. For many times you may feel like you are being selfish but, being selfish is not a crime! Thinking about yourself before anyone else is pretty normal. You have full right to live your life in your own way. Just make sure when you are doing that, you don’t have permission to hurt anyone cause, they don’t owe you anything! You are a human being so, behave in that way. People out there are meant to be loved. No one wants hatred. If you love them, life will love you! It’s pretty much clear for me now that if I am going to behave harsh with others, it is going to come back and going to hurt me. So, try to be kind to everyone you meet. You never know whose life you can positively change!

Take a look at yourself, what you are? Why are you here? What’s your purpose of living? I know this may be feel useless to work on but, at the end ask yourself that are you living the way you should be living? And those answers are the key to your happy life! So, it’s your responsibility to find your happiness by taking efforts for yourself own.

“Life is a gift, cherish it!”

All this is happening to you for a reason. This is a basic thought in every single situation around you! Try to find your reason, take that time to find your inner soul..

Answers often lie in questions themselves!

Till then stay tuned for next part of this blog!

Love yourself and don’t forget to live your life, in your own ways.❤


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